About Clare

I studied fine art and illustration at Portsmouth Art School in the early 90’s and began my painting career in 2000. In 2007 I studied with a top artist and teacher for 5 years, experimenting and learning new techniques and styles.

Last year I started plein air (painting outside) and absoloutly love it! I did have quite a fear of it but have broken that and now can't get enough of it! 

This is me on the very busy Hungerford Bridge, London

I aim to do 3 or 4 paintings outside a week. My favourite time is early morning when the light is wonderful. 

I have lots of painting trips planned for this year - France at the end of June going to Il de Re Island. August is Spain, inland in the mountains (where my aunt lives) and finishing with Venice in October. Wow! Quite a line up but hope to blog while I'm away to share my painting adventures....

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